Who We Are

At 2050 Farms, our team is bound by three fundamental pillars - Intention, Integrity, and Innovation. These values guide us in everything we do, shaping our approach to agriculture and clean energy. Our team is more than a group of individuals; we are a collaborative force. We bring together some of the most talented minds in agriculture and technology, encouraging the contributions of unique perspectives towards shared objectives. By nurturing such dynamic collaborations, we fuel creative solutions, stimulate fresh insights, and constantly push the boundaries of innovation in our pursuit of a greener future.

  • Intention

  • Integrity

  • Innovation


  • Josh Lynn - Founder

    Mr. Lynn is focused on building 2050 Farms into a global company working on innovative projects in agriculture and the food supply chain, as well as clean(er) energy. With a particular obsession with Arab-Israeli ventures, helping to facilitate regional investment, being part of creating the New Middle East is a top priority.

  • Shadow Rikabi - Founder

    Born in Baghdad, Mr. Rikabi began experiencing the dynamics of the region first-hand. After becoming a journalist early in his career, he began also working with various security agencies. He has continued to maintain a vast network of connections and resources that help guide strategy in the right direction.

  • Jacob Robinson - Chief Operating Officer

    From an early start in agriculture and technology, Jacob has consistently aimed to revolutionize industry standards. His dedication is reflected in his continuous efforts to infuse the agriculture, energy, and intersecting sectors with innovation and advanced technology.

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